Bees and Beekeeping in the news

2 recent features on bees and beekeeping in the news:
this one from the 6/28/11 Journal News:

and this one from the June 22 Wall Street Journal:
Unfortunately the Wall Street Journal one will require login and subscription after 7 days, but in the meantime here it is.


Mite Help

Mite help for all … Mites (Varroa Destructor) prefer to lay eggs in Drone cells. You can identify drone cells because they are larger than cells for honey storage and worker-bee eggs. Capped drone cells are “bullet” shaped but the cell itself is larger. One of the mite control systems is to add a special foundation imprinted with larger “drone” cells. Mite females will favor this “drone” foundation with eggs. The beekeeper can then remove this drone foundation before the bees(drones) hatch out. This foundation is frozen for a couple of days to kill everything and returned to the hive for re-use as a “mite magnet”.

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