Bee Help Category Launched

This category is intended as a forum for questions/answers on beekeeping. Check the Bee Help Category, in right column when creating a post to have it appear here. (hey, we’re new at this WordPress blog managment, don’t laugh.)

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One response to “Bee Help Category Launched

  1. Since it has been a mild winter, our bees will be hungry early. Once the weather warms enough for the bees to forage they are not going to find much nectar. Until the weather warms considerably, nectar will not be flowing. Look for squirrels nipping the buds off of maple trees for the sap. Then you will know that nectar is flowing. So for now, a one to one syrup feed will help. Pollen is more available but if you have any pollen or pollen substitute, this is a good time to help the bees with protein.
    Good Luck … jb …

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