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  1. Regina Blakeslee

    “Mite Magnet” – Drone Foundation
    Today’s beekeeping meeting at Sun Dial Farm was very interesting. John is a great teacher and takes the time to explain everything clearly and with humor. When I asked him about the drone foundation I inserted into my hive the beginning of July, he wanted to know the exact date. He said if I didn’t get that foundation out within 21 days my hive would become a “mite farm!” Well, I checked the calendar and I did place the drone foundation in one of my hives on July 2. (that’s 27 days) It is important to note that this foundation was brand new and did not have any drawn comb, so I’m not sure about the timing. I removed it today because (John scared me!) and there were capped drone cells. I covered it and put it in my freezer for a few days to kill the mites. It was tricky removing the bees from the frame because the hive was very active.

    should have placed another

  2. Since we are coming out of Winter (did we have winter yet?) and into Spring it is not too early to think about mite control especially if you did not use any treatment last fall. One quick check as the weather warms is to look at a brood frame. Most of these bees will be young, still furry, and will be easy to check for mite damage. Look for damaged wings that look like strings. Or you might see “K” wings. One wing is hooked over the other wing. Also look at empty cells on the brood frame for white specks (mite poop) or you may see adult red mites looking for a bee to hop onto. Good Luck … jb …

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