Croton Bees Launches Blog

Croton Bees launched today as a new resource and exchange for beekeepers in the area of Croton on Hudson, New York. The site is run by first-time bloggers and grows out of an email group that has been in use for the past year. Welcome and good luck to all of us.

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17 responses to “Croton Bees Launches Blog

  1. Thanks for the blog-site, Dan Shure. A great beginning on streamlining our communications about bees in the Hudson Valley. … jb …

  2. This is a great idea

  3. Tracy Kingsley


  4. Caroline Curvan

    Yay! It takes a village — even just an online one. :)

  5. Thank you Dan Shure and John Bernard who I’m sure had his part in this creation…..These two solve many problems over hours of conversations in The Black Cow and elsewhere..

  6. Thank you Michael for the weblog.
    Thank you John for a wonderful first experience with the Croton Bees. The live demonstraionmade it easy to see the answer to the question I came with. And, I learned lots that I didn’t even know how to ask about.

  7. Cheryl Roberto

    What a wonderful resource we now have. Looking forward to all the information to be shared! Many thanks to you John for your continued wisdom and Dan for creating this.

  8. what a wonderful idea!!!
    And welcome technology!
    Thank you for creating this blog, may we all buzz and learn together.

  9. Regina Blakeslee

    This morning’s meeting at Maryknoll was great! A big thank you to John for sharing his expertise and conducting a collegial “hands-on” (no gloves) session with all the nice beekeepers. It will be fun sharing information on the blog. Looking forward to our future meetings!!

  10. Thank you so much for setting this up! I look forward to being able to attend some events soon.

  11. i think i might have solved my excess drone mystery. i experimented with inserting blank frames into honey super (missed queen excluder).
    Those frames had almost 100% drone brood. Bees had the space to do so and did.
    this is bringing up new questions about mites, i read that often too many drones take the ‘hit’ of mites in the fall?

  12. Jo Anne Tenzer

    Interesting stuff!

  13. Peggy Jon Steckler

    So I’m joining in, please.

    Peggy Steckler

  14. Richard Palumbo / Caren Abate

    Nice to see there is a local bee keeping club.

  15. Happy buzzing 2012 everyone!
    Trying to organize our 1st meeting for this Sunday, Jan 15th!
    Location to follow.
    Time to discuss our orders.

  16. Announcing our March Meeting:
    Sunday, March 18th at 3:00 PM at Mariandale in Ossining, NY.
    Mike Bruen from White Oak Apiary will be the guest speaker.

    We look forward to sharing. All levels of beekeeping are welcome!

    See you then.

  17. location within my public complexes! daeaddfecekk

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